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New Zealand Planner

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Written by: Dan Bennett & Gapyear.com

New Zealand Planner

New Zealand is a strange land, many miles away with towering, craggy mountains and a strange impenetrable language. Want to know what ‘fush and chups’ is? Want to know what it will cost? Well, we’re here to help!
We hope that you find this planner useful to help sort your trip, either as a solo journey or as part of a round the world trip. As a reminder, this planner interacts with sections on gapyear.com and is part of a series of FREE downloadable planners that we produce for you.

You are about to download the “New Zealand Planner” written by Dan Bennett. If you really like, or even really dislike the article, we’d love to hear from you. Your feedback will help to make these articles and guides better. Enjoy!
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