How Can You Watch These New Zealand Videos and Not Book a Ticket?

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Written by: Anna Claeys

The New Zealand Picture Show

1. A green arsenic lake, bubbling mud pits, 800-degree-celcius steam vents and an old sulphur mine. Who wouldn’t want to see New Zealand’s only active marine volcano on a helicopter trip to White Island?

2. New Zealand’s stunning underwater world is as pretty as its land. If you love dolphins, otters, and swimming through schools of fish, then this will make you want to sign up for a diving course right now.

3. Now one for the adrenaline freaks. This extreme skiing video will make your stomach churn but for the brave among you, the incredible views from the slopes are well worth the risk

4. “We set out to save The Shire, Sam…”  Lord of the Rings fans will already know that visitors can stroll around the Middle Earth village and little houses where Frodo, Sam, Bilbo and all the other hobbits live. The film’s location scouts loved its rolling green hills and streams and the set, rebuilt as in the movies, is now called Hobbiton

5. This cute couple decided to tandem bungee jump at New Zealand’s Kawarau Bridge, the world’s first bungee spots and one of the most famous – the day before their wedding. His reassurances of “it’s alright baby” clearly don’t make her any less petrified

6. Breathtakingly beautiful mountains and forest valleys, rugged glaciers, bungee jumping and zip wires – the smiley people in this video seem to love it, anyway

7. You’ve probably seen the All Blacks rugby team perform the terrifying Haka, but while in New Zealand don’t miss live performances from Maori dance groups

8. This adventure video is one for outdoors fans. You’ll want an action-packed trip to New Zealand, guaranteed

9. Skydiving. Jumping out of a plane. As you do. This girl loved it anyway…

10. Finally, this awesome video to sum it all up, the complete backpacker experience

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