Places to Hot Air Balloon on Your Gap Year

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Written by: Will Jones

The World’s Best Vantage Points

With the Bristol Balloon Festival fast approaching we’ve been looking at the best places around the world to take a hot air balloon ride on your gap year.

Every year the skies above Bristol will become ablaze with the colour of hundreds of hot air balloons as the annual International Balloon Fiesta arrives in town. What began as a casual meeting of enthusiastic balloonists 36 years ago has developed into a world-famous event and one of the most iconic fixtures in the UK’s cultural calendar, attracting crowds of up to 100,000.

Perhaps the most popular part of the festival is the Night Glow, which takes place on the opening night and sees hundreds of balloons inflated in the dark, followed by an epic fireworks display.

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta has got us wondering where the best places around the world are to take a hot air balloon ride, so we’ve put together what we think are the most epic locations.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Letchworth State Park, USA

Letchworth State Park, USA

The Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia, Spain

Bagan, Burma

Baga, Burma

Methven, New Zealand

Methven, New Zealand

Chateaux d’Oex, Switzerland

Chateaux d'Oex, Switzerland

Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo, China

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Teotihuacan, Mexcio

Teotihuacan, Mexico

Outback, Australia

Outback, Australia

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