Super Awesome Things to Do on a Gap Year

Written by: Lucy Jane Ayad

Your gap year is going to be the best time of your life. It’s awesome. Super awesome. In fact, it’s super frickin’ awesome. There’s just so much to see and do it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve got the community to turn to in times of need.

We asked the question on the message boards “what are the things to do on a gap year?” and your response says it all. The short answer; a lot.

Take a read and take the advice of the people who have been there and do it. Enjoy…

1. Do everything you wouldn’t dream of doing at home 😉 – Ambermarie

2. Say yes to new opportunities; after all why not?! – Lucy789

3. Just have fun without having to worry about getting up for your boring 9-5 every day – Rhodri27

4. ‘Get back to nature’ for a while. No make-up. No technology. No worries. Let your only concern be food, a place to sleep, and any other ‘natural’ urges that won’t get you arrested – Sharon Wheeler

5. Have beers with the locals and chat about cultural differences – Macca

6. Step outside your comfort zone! – Hdsimmons

Go to the airport with a blow up kangaroo

7. Point to something on a menu you can’t read and hope for the best – redtoshiba

8. Join both the Mile High and the 18 metre club! – Jordan85

9. Take time to experience every opportunity as you never know what’s round the corner – Middoo44

10. After a month of travelling if you’re still following the plan you made when you were back at home then you’re doing it wrong – Warrick

11. Challenge yourself by doing things you wouldn’t normally do – skydive! – Fingfang

12. Learn a few local phrases,; two of my faves are “pad thai gai” (thai green curry) and “una cereveza por favor!” (a beer please) – smp77

Go to a festival and be 16 again

13. “Check-In” to a country your friends can’t pronounce – CarlosUK

14. Purposefully get lost – leave the plans at home and just wander off (but maybe have enough cash to get back to where you need to be!) – Pigl3t

15. Talk to people you would have never met if you had simply stayed at home – milnerz4

16. Do something you’d never do at home around your friends, whether that is skinny dipping, dancing on the table of a bar in your underwear or something equally fun, just let your hair down more than at home. I have done both, amongst other things, and they are some of the most memorable nights out of my gapyear – Lucy789

17. Do what YOU want to do – Alexandra_q2

18. Love life and take pleasure in doing all the things people said you couldn’t – Cormac

Make some new best friends

19. To be able to love life without every day luxuries – milnerz4

20. ‘Get lost’ – easy to do abroad and while panic inducing at the time, usually leads to some random adventure in my experience – Sharon Wheeler

21. At some point, take a step back, think about where you are and remember all the hard work was worth it – CATCHPOLE

22. Use your gap year as an opportunity to try new things and experience as much of life as possible – Vicky

Further Information

On your gap year there are certain rules. What are these rules exactly? Well, we wrote up the top 25 rules of taking a gap year; read and enjoy.

Also, make some new friends and jump in the message boards; that’s where all the cool cats hang out…

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