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The Best Places You Can Visit in February

Written by: Dave Owen

February is when winter really bites, and a month of drab and dreary weather may well have tarnished the early promise of the new year. The answer? Cake! Oh, wait… travel. We mean travel.
Travelling in February can go one of two ways: you can head somewhere even colder and skid around on waxed planks while mainlining hot cocoa, or you can sniff out where the sun’s hiding and cook yourself to an unseasonable crisp. Our suggestions below should cover you for whichever you fancy.


Chefchaouen, Morocco
Temperatures won’t be soaring if you head to Morocco in February, but it’s guaranteed to be warmer and dryer than anywhere in the UK.
It’s a great time to set off on a camel trek into the Sahara Desert, or to just wander through the swinging souks of Marrakech or the quirky, tranquil blue-washed streets of Chefchaouen tucked beneath the Rif Mountains.
To be honest, Morocco is worth it at any time of year.


Andorra in February
Where? Andorra! February is still peak ski season in Europe, and while you could play it safe and head to France, Austria, or Italy, why not try somewhere a little different?
The resorts are a little old-fashioned but not short of action, and it all comes at a fraction of what you’ll pay at many of the usual European destinations. That leaves more cash for après ski, and the sociable atmosphere means you’ll never be short of drinking buddies.

Burma (Myanmar)

Burma in February
February marks the beginning of the best time to visit Burma. Typhoon season has blown over, temperatures are on the up, and visitor levels haven’t yet peaked. Perfect!
Down south, capital city Yangon will be good and hot, and beaches all along the west coast, including beatific Ngapoli Beach, will be drenched in sunshine. Head further north to Inle Lake and Bagan (and you absolutely should) and it’ll be a bit cooler, but still unabashed T-shirt weather.
Take that, winter.

Venice, Italy

Venice Carnival
If you don’t like crowds you should probably avoid Venice in February, because it’s carnival time! Nothing chases the cold away like the colours and clamour of this three-week nonstop party.
Attend a luxurious masquerade ball, dress your best for the costume competition in St Mark’s Square, or head down to the Arsenale for a motley programme of pageants, performances, street art, and more.
And hey, if it gets too much, you can always scout out some solitude in the tangled back streets, alleys, and squares that run like seams through this enchanting city.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne in summer
Melbourne is well known for switching between four seasons in a day, and this fickle nature can sometimes make its oh-so-trendy vibes a little tricky to savour.
Not so in February – the height of summer – when sunshine is guaranteed. The city is duly proud of its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, not to mention rooftop bars, markets, and more.
The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk sits on the outskirts of Melbourne, offering you a chance to experience some potted Australian wilderness and learn a little about the country’s WWII history.

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