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The Best Places You Can Visit in January

A New Year = New Travel Plans!

Written by: Dave Owen

January is where Christmas goes to die. As the UK sinks into the cheerless depths of winter, you might find your thoughts straying overseas. You don’t have to put up with this misery! There’s a whole world out there, and at least half of it is a lot sunnier than here!
Whether you’re craving warm weather, need to recover from a gloriously gluttonous holiday season, or just fancy squeezing in a trip before daily life resumes, January is the perfect time to have an adventure.
Here are just a few of the best places to travel in January.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic
The Caribbean is the perfect antidote to January. Take the Dominican Republic, for example. It’s sunny and hot, but not obnoxiously so, which means you can take full advantage of its numerous beaches and resorts. There’s also rainforest, highlands, and savannah to explore.
If you’re feeling a bit portly post-Christmas, burn it off by climbing Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean. The trek takes two days, more than enough time to melt away those lingering mince pies.
Or you could play golf. That’s sort of exercise.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline at night
January is Hong Kong’s coldest month, but let’s put that into perspective. While people in the UK are panic buying Pot Noodles after another tabloid promise of a snowy apocalypse (that will never arrive), people in Hong Kong are strolling around in light jackets.
It’s also Hong Kong’s driest month, making it a good time to venture up Victoria Peak to admire the extravagant city skyline, take a boat to Lantau Island to goggle at its giant Buddha statue, and eat your way around Kowloon.

Hong Kong to Chengdu

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Stay a little longer and you’ll catch some of the most spectacular Chinese New Year celebrations in the world.


Bagan, Burma
Falling right in the middle of peak season, January in Burma means the wet season is months away but the temperatures aren’t yet insufferably high.
A comparative lack of tourist infrastructure (a situation improving all the time) means it might be easier to join a tour. Most will take you to peaceful Inle Lake, offer a chance to hot air balloon over the otherworldly temple plain of Bagan, and give you plenty of time to marvel at the golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.
Burma is a singularly beautiful country, and there are few better places on Earth to kick off your new year.

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa in January is about as perfect as it gets. It’s warm, obviously, and there are so many things to do the post-Christmas blues don’t stand a chance.
If you’re in the mood to take it easy, you can hang around Cape Town and sup some of the finest wines in the world while kicking it on Clifton Beaches. It’s about as far from the January sales in Croydon as you can get.

South Africa Adventure

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Whatever your reason for going, you have to go on safari in South Africa. Visit Kruger National Park and see how many of the Big 5 you can capture for Instagram posterity.


Skiing in Italy
January isn’t all about escaping into the toasty clutches of the sun. It’s also European ski season, and Italy is well-known for its top notch resorts, laid back atmosphere, and decent prices.
There are so many spots to choose from, but the central core of the Dolomites offer everything you need for an Italian ski trip: a variety of terrain for all skill levels, pleasing winter scenery, and more food than you can shake a breadstick at.
Christmas was tough. You deserve a break (just make sure it isn’t your leg).

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