The Top 5 Water Activities on the Gold Coast

Written by: Dave Owen

It’s probably not much of a surprise that somewhere called the Gold Coast is one of the best places in Australia – and the world – to get out on the water. You’ve got your pick of beautiful beaches to lounge upon, including Surfers Paradise, Kirra, and Mermaid Beach, but eventually you might fancy something a little more exciting. Thankfully, the Gold Coast has you covered.

We’ve chosen just a few of the amazing water activities you can experience on a visit to the Gold Coast, from a relaxing paddle in the warm ocean all the way up to unforgettable white knuckle rides. Strap in!

Paddle boarding

This is a great starting point to getting out on the Gold Coast’s gorgeous waters. The beaches and wonderful weather make it a delight to paddle your board gently around and explore the glittering coastline.

You can sit and relax, paddling gently when the mood takes you, or if you’re feeling a little bolder master the art of standing on the board and go for a proper adventure. Think of it like gentle, simple surfing.


Snorkelling with turtles

It can be just as relaxing to take a trip underneath the waves. You don’t need to be a qualified diver to put on a wet suit, head out on a boat with a guide, and go snorkelling in search of the incredible marine wildlife that calls the Gold Coast home.

There are several top snorkelling spots around the Gold Coast, offering the chance to swim with sea turtles, eagle rays, leopard sharks, and a huge variety of fish. You can also explore the coral reef, and if you’re lucky you might get to meet some dolphins! Scuba diving and whale watching trips are also available.

Jet skiing

This is where we start to get the adrenaline pumping. The Gold Coast is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to tear around on a jet ski, as there’s so much space to make your own and the views are never short of spectacular.

There’s nothing quite so exhilarating as tearing across the ocean at full throttle, flying through the air over the crests of waves and racing your mates across the surf. A leisurely tour, this is not.


Surfing is kind of a big deal on the Gold Coast – they named a whole city after it. It’s no surprise, given that the area is packed with world-class surf spots for all ability levels, including Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise, and Kirra beach.

If you’re a first-timer it might take a little while to get the hang of surfing, but standing up on your board and riding a wave for the first time is a thrill you will never forget.

Jet Boat Aerial Spin

Jet boating

Imagine a roller coaster, but you’re sitting in a boat and tearing across the ocean. That’s jet boating, and it’s every bit as invigorating as it sounds. You really need to experience it for yourself.

An average jet boating ride will take you up to speeds of 90kph, executing 360 degree spins, high speed drifting, wake surfing, and other manoeuvres that seem to defy the laws of physics and will leave you absolutely soaking wet. When you stagger back onto the beach, the only thought on your mind will be doing it again.


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