200mph plane misses camerawoman by two feet

23rd Jan 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

200mph plane misses camerawoman by two feet

Fly-by YouTube video goes viral

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a 200mph plane fly past to within two feet of you? Now you don’t have to.

The video begins when a quad bike can be seen performing a wheelie before the biplane comes into view. Roll it on a little bit and you can see the moment where it narrowly avoids hitting both the biker and the camerawoman in a ‘rush-to-the-toilet-and-change-my-pants’ moment.

According to ninemsn.com.au, the footage is actually stunt pulled off by a group called Those Crazy Texans, who specialise in filming bike stunts and posting them online.

The group uploaded the video along with the caption “What it looks like to have a plane fly within two feet of you at 200mph”.

The video was uploaded on the 21st January and has quickly gone viral with just over 60,000 views.

We’re glad we’re the ones watching it and not the one holding the camera…

What’s been your closest call with a plane? Post your comments below.

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