75,000 Brits have applied for Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’

8th Apr 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

75,000 Brits have applied for Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’

More than ½ a million have applied in total

Are you looking for something to do on your gap year? Then make sure you enter Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition.

The competition closes on 10 April, so there’s still time to enter, and while applicants are being warned not to leave applying too late, Tourism Australia’s managing director Andrew McEvoy says would-be applicants should not be deterred by the huge number of people who have already expressed interest in the sought-after jobs.

Tourism Australia’s website states: “It makes sense that one of the best countries in the world would be home to some of the ‘Best Jobs in the World'”.

There are six roles available, all around Australia, including Chief Funster in New South Wales, Outback Adventurer in Northern Territory, Park Ranger in Queensland, Wildlife Caterer in South Australia, Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne and Taste Master in Western Australia.

McEvoy says: “There has been a huge amount of interest in these jobs and the competition is strong. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and your application cannot be judged without a video, so it’s worth taking that extra time to submit your clip.”

Tourism Australia has revealed that nearly 300,000 individuals from 196 countries applied, with the most popular job globally being Wildlife Caretaker, followed by Chief Funster and Park Ranger.

Brits and Americans have proved most keen, with more than 75,000 applications each, followed by Italians (60,000), French (54,000) and Australians (36,000).

There’s still time to apply if you fancy leaving cold Britain for sunny Australia; you just have to upload your video entry by 10 April so get it done! For more information and to apply for one of the ‘Best Jobs in the World’, visit australia.com/best-jobs.aspx.


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