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Airline leaves dog on runway in the rain

29th Dec 2014
Written by: Dave Owen

Picture of soaking animal sparks outrage across social media

United Airlines has earned the ire of animal lovers the world over after a picture was tweeted of a dog stranded on a runway in the pouring rain.

Twitter user @theregoesbabs claimed that she sat on her plane and looked on as the animal was left in its carrier on the wet runway for over half an hour, despite staff having been alerted. The picture has since been retweeted over a thousand times.

United Airlines responded quickly and shifted blame for the overlooked pooch onto its (apparently erroneously named) PetSafe program, which is responsible for airport-to-airport delivery of animals.

It’s unclear how quickly the situation was resolved, but it wasn’t long before Australian pop singer Sia got involved to declare that she will be boycotting the airline in future.

The singer’s retweet of the picture received over four thousand retweets by itself. We hope the dog made it back safely to its owner and is currently curled up in front of a fire dreaming about sausages. Or whatever dogs dream about.

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