Apple Watch: a traveller’s new best friend?

11th Mar 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

Major travel companies developing apps for stupidly expensive watch

Gone are the days of the only essential travel kit being spare underpants, hangover tablets, and something to take care of startling new body hair. These days backpackers can’t leave home without their smartphone, tablet, sat nav, unwieldy camera, and selfie stick, and it looks like the brand new Apple Watch is shooting to earn its place in the pantheon of travel tech.

Apple’s fancy new wearable device launches on April 24, and travel giants like EasyJet and American Airlines are scrambling to prepare apps that, in theory, could make jetting off abroad marginally easier.

EasyJet will let you wear your boarding pass on your wrist, as well as using the ‘Glances’ feature of the watch to display personalised flight information. This will include pre-departure info, check-in details, real-time flight status, weather, and local currency exchange rates.

It’ll also be a portal for passengers to send Twitter and Facebook updates directly from the watch face, making it easier than ever for people you never speak to anymore to rub their amazing adventures in your face while you’re queuing in Lidl and pondering the allure of death.

American Airlines is developing a similar app, as is Ryanair, which is truly a reason to be afraid.

Hotel chains will also be joining the fray. Starwood is developing an app that will allow guests to swipe their wrists against their room door to gain access. Somewhere, Tim Cook is laughing at us while he paddles in a ballpit filled with caviar and discarded dignity.

TripAdvisor’s app will recommend restaurants and other experiences within a certain radius, presumably allowing users to waste no time in posting their scathing reviews when the lighting isn’t quite good enough to Instagram their dessert.

The most basic Apple Watch will cost £299 in the UK, rising as high as £13,500 if you want to bedeck your wrist in gaudy tat that will be woefully outdated within six months.

Oh, and apparently it will also tell the time.


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