Backpacker Lena’s gap year pregnancy shock

29th Sep 2011
Written by: Mary Short

Backpacker Lena’s gap year pregnancy shock

Australian hostels are famous for their revelry; absolutely anything goes. So it comes as no surprise to hear that a woman has given birth in one.

Lena (who wanted to keep her surname anonymous), 37, from Australia, had been staying at a backpackers hostel in Sydney when she suddenly gave birth to a baby girl, despite not knowing she was pregnant.

Baby Bethany was born in the bathroom of the backpackers’ hostel late on Monday night.

When Lena started to feel unwell with excruciating stomach pains she put it down to gastroenteritis.

“I honestly had no idea I was pregnant, none at all. I thought I had a gastro bug,” she said yesterday.

“I just remember sitting on the toilet thinking I was going to die from gastro, it was terrible. Then all of a sudden, I pushed and she just came out.”

A few years ago, doctors told Lena she was suffering early menopause, meaning the chances of having children were slim.

“I just assumed I couldn’t have a baby. I thought I’d been through menopause, so that was the end of that,” she said.

Women usually know when they’re pregnant but Lena put down the baby’s bump to eating a lot of pot noodles.

Lena was sharing a room with two Frenchmen at the time.  Mathieu Caron and Antoine Flinois had only been travelling in Australia for a week and had no idea she was pregnant.

Mr Caron said: “I was working on my laptop, and Lena came into the room, but the light was off so I couldn’t see at that stage that she was holding a baby. But then she said to me ‘Help, help’, so I turned my laptop to light up the room and then I saw the baby.”

Mr Caron woke his friend, and together they sat Lena down and called triple-0 for help.

Do you know anyone who got pregnant on their gap year? Or maybe even a pregnancy scare? All comments below.

Oh, and there’s a special prize for anyone who was born on a gap year…

Quotes taken from The Daily Telegraph.


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