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Backpackers offered nude discount

30th May 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Backpackers offered nude discount

Backpackers get free van hire if they turn up naked

Backpacking means travelling on a budget, and there are certain lengths that backpackers will go to to ensure they get a discount. Well, one company in Australia are offering free van rental to any backpackers who turn up naked.

Wicked Campers in Cairns is advertising a special deal – one day's free hire, worth AU$40, if travellers turn up naked. It's uncertain whether they have to spend the whole day naked or not, but it's proving popular.

The website says: "Come into any of our Wicked locations wearing nothing but a smile and we'll give you an EXTRA FREE DAY on top of your booking!"

John Laughton, manager of Wicked Campers in Cairns, said people are taking the offer seriously, showing that backpackers will literally do anything to save a few bucks.

"We get an equal mix of guys and girls (going nude). They all want to take advantage of cheap rates and if they can get a bit more off they're going to do it."

Wicked CampersAnd if you're wondering whether it's legal, it is. A police spokesperson said: "It (going topless in public) could possibly be classed as public nuisance, but technically it's legal."

It was a pair of scantily clad Scandinavians from Sweden that first cashed in on the offer, turning up in nothing but their birthday suits.

It's not the first time Wicked Campers have gotten in trouble over an advertising campaign. Last year they printed stickers with the slogan "Kangaroos, run the f***ers down." Apparently it was supposed to raise awareness of road traffic accidents to backpackers on their gap year.

Also, it's not the first time an Australian company have offered naked deals. A few years back, AJ Hackett, the bungy jumping company, offered free jumps to anyone who jumped naked. The offer kind of backfired though as they were inundated with naked jumpers, so they soon retracted it. You can still jump naked at AJ Hackett but you're going to have to pay for it.

What would you do to save money on your gap year? Have you ever got naked to save yourself some cash?

If you're heading Down Under then head to our Australia country section for all the advice and information you'll need. And if you can't find it there, then jump on the messageboards and ask the question…

Photo taken by Rob and Stephanie Levy via Creative Commons

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