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Bangkok bans all street food vendors

19th Apr 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


Bangkok is considered the capital city of the world for top class street food, but possibly not for much longer – authorities have now banned street food from the city.

The Guardian reports that thousands of street food vendors will be removed from Bangkok’s streets by the end of the year, as authorities seek “order and hygiene.”

Wanlop Suwandee, chief advisor to Bangkok’s governor, said officials are “now working to get rid of stalls from all 50 districts of Bangkok,” thereby leaving the pavements tidy for pedestrians.

“There will be no let-up in this operation. Every street vendor will have to move out,” said Suwandee, as reported by local news.

Bangkok street food vendor

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world, and much of its reputation is based on the culinary delights that can be sampled on every street corner throughout the day and night. CNN has named Bangkok street food as the best in the world two years running.

Thailand’s junta has been trying to crack down on street stalls since it seized power in 2014, with many famous street food spots cleared, but this is the most drastic step yet that could see it disappear from Bangkok’s streets completely by the end of the year.

Where else can you find top street food?

Although Bangkok topped CNN’s list of street food cities, it presents plenty of delicious alternatives.

Tokyo, Japan – Unrivalled for authentic sushi and grilled dishes with fresh ingredients prepared right in front of your eyes.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – From Lucky Dog carts and plate lunches, to po’boy sandwiches and grilled alligator, New Orleans is a meat-lover’s paradise.

Istanbul, Turkey – Well-known for kebabs and wraps, Turkish pizza, and simit – fresh-baked bread dipped in molasses.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Perhaps the closest you’ll get to Bangkok street food, you’ll find plenty of appetizing rice and noodle dishes, alongside national dish pho.

Mexico City, Mexico – It might sound similar to what you’ve had at home, but fresh tortillas, salsa, and grilled meats, alongside indigenous flavours, make all the difference.

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