Blood rain to fall for Halloween

22nd Oct 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Blood rain to fall for Halloween

Britain’s weird weather to continue

Us Brits like nothing more than chatting about the weather; after all, it’s what we’re famous for. Well, conversations will go into over-drive this week as Britain’s weirdest weather on record continues with ‘blood rain’ predicted to fall by the Met Office.

Today’s and tomorrow’s temperatures are going to be unseasonably high with the temperature to break the 20oC mark in some places due to a wave of hot air from North Africa; it’s expected that London and the south-east of England will bask in sunshine (though we’ll believe it when we see it – Ed).

It could also bring with it ‘blood rain’ – rain carrying red dust kicked up by storms in the Sahara desert, which can stain cars when it falls as rain.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “Where there has been rain in the south-east there has been red dust brought down with it. When the rain dries off it leaves a red residue.

“This could last until the early part of the week.”

Sunshine and high temperatures are set to hit London this week

But it will be replaced with freezing arctic winds by the weekend, which will send temperatures tumbling across the country and could see snow falling in Scotland and the north of England.

“People should enjoy the warm weather while it lasts – because it won’t last much longer,” said Emma Sharples from the Met Office.

“During the week, it is going to be warmer than you expect for this time of year. But there is going to be a sharp contrast as a cold snap sweeps across the country from Friday, which will make it feel very cold,” she added.

This year has already seen some of the country’s most bizarre weather ever, which has brought the country’s worst drought since 1976 followed by the wettest summer for a century.

Admittedly, forecasters have been known to get it wrong from time to time, but it should make for a very interesting week!

What’s the weirdest weather you’ve ever experienced on your gap year?

If you’re planning a gap year make sure you head over to our planning section for some ideas and inspiration. Also, head on over to the message boards and get chatting / planning with some other gappers!


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