Boobs banned on beaches

3rd Aug 2012
Written by: Mary Short

Boobs banned on beaches

Parisian sunbathers warned ‘no breasts, no private parts’

Topless sunbathing. It’s something we’ve all done on our gap year. After all, what’s wrong with getting a little bit naked on the beach? According to French Authorities, quite a lot.

Parisian police say city dwellers could face jail for sunbathing topless in parks or on riverbanks, specifying that there should be ‘no breasts or private parts’ on display.

A warning on their website says: “When the thermometer rises a few degrees, you may put on your best bathing suit and find a little corner of grass or the welcoming banks of the Seine to put down your towel.

“But please note that bathing suits should not be worn in official city parks and that dress should be decent and in accordance with good morals and public order.”

Sun-seekers wearing “inappropriate dress” could be fined upwards of 38 euros (£33), and ‘fined up to 3,750 euros (£3,000) and two years in jail if suspected of soliciting sex.

The Parisian police warning is in stark contrast to the Danish approach after one politician suggested that women sunbathing topless at Danish beaches should be included in tourism videos to scare away extremists.

Foreign policy spokesman for the Danish People’s Party Peter Skaarup said including the shots of sunbathing women in a video screened as part of an immigration test would emphasise the point that Denmark is an open, free society.

Do you think you the Parisians should be allowed to sunbathe topless? Head onto the messageboards and get chatting about it!

Also, a couple of other naughty beach stories that you might fancy are ‘sex on the beach’ and ‘naked beach travellers “revealed”‘


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