Brewery creates world’s strongest beer

30th Oct 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Brewery creates world’s strongest beer

Stronger than whiskey, gin, or absinthe

Everyone enjoys a beer or two on their gap year; that’s why you may be pleased to hear that a Scottish brewery has claimed to have created the world’s strongest beer – at 65% proof, it’ll blow your head off and leave you wanting to crawl into a hole and die the next day – that’s why it’s aptly called ‘Armageddon’.

It’s been flying off the shelf since its launch and it already has a two-week waiting list. However, it’s not cheap at £40 for a 330ml bottle.

Created by Scottish firm Brewmeister, the beer is made from crystal malt, wheat and flaked oats, and is freeze fermented to bring it to the required alcohol by volume (ABV) limit.

Brewmeister say that the beer is cooled to zero degrees Celsius; while the water freezes, the alcohol does not. The ice is then removed from the beer, which is how it has an ABV of 65%.

Armageddon, stronger than whiskey, gin or absintheA pint of the beer contains an alarming 37 units of alcohol – twice the recommended weekly intake for a man.

Brewmeister says the beer should be ‘consumed like a fine whisky’.

A spokesman said: “Despite being 65%, the beer has a lot of flavour – malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and lots of yeast still in the beer.

“Be careful though, smelling it is probably enough to put you over the limit!”

Lewis Shand, founder of Brewmeister, said: “The phrase ‘delivers a punch’ doesn’t quite cut it – delivers a supersonic charged explosion is probably more appropriate.”

What’s the strongest beers you’ve ever had and where was it? Jump on the message boards and let everyone know.

If you’re planning a gap year then head on over to our planning section for a little advice and inspiration – who knows where you’ll end up!


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