Brits must apply online to fly to Canada

28th Apr 2015
Written by: Eve Wonda

British citizens must gain online authorisation before they travel

Canada is a massively popular gap year destination, and for good reason. Moose! Amusing accents! Poutine! Canada has everything you could possibly desire for your backpacking adventure. And it’s soon to have a new program that will make it slightly (and we stress slightly) more complicated to visit.

Final regulations for Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (known as eTA by cool people everywhere) have been published. Under these new rules British citizens will be required to obtain online authorisation before flying to Canada.

The good news is that this does not become mandatory until March 15, 2016, so if you’re going before then there’s no need to worry.

If you’re planning to travel to Canada’s green and pleasant land after that date, you’ll be able to apply for electronic travel authorisation from August 1, 2015. It involves the usual thrills of filling out an application and paying $7 for the privilege.

Further good news is that an authorisation is valid for five years from the day it’s issued, so if you’re planning on visiting lots and becoming an honorary Canuck, you won’t have to complete the application multiple times. That said, if your passport expires it will render your authorisation invalid, and it can be cancelled if the authorities have good reason. So behave yourselves.

The full and needlessly longwinded regulations can be found here.


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