Broken man gives away £1,000 holiday

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12th May 2012
Written by: Andrew Tipp

Broken man gives away £1,000 holiday

Emotional Brit offers romantic getaway to most worthy applicants

We've all been left with a hole in our heart when a relationship ends, although Tom Frankenburg was also left with a hole in his wallet after breaking up with his girlfriend.

The 22-year-old from Nottingham bought a holiday to Malta for himself and his partner, but then their relationship fell apart.

With neither Tom or his now ex-girlfriend wanting to use the holiday, Tom found himself £1,000 poorer and unable to claim a refund.

Most people would have sold the holiday or gone anyway, but Tom is now looking to give away the entire trip for free.

In a video posted on YouTube titled ‘Tom Goes Crazy and Gives Away his Holiday', the visibly emotional Brit says: "I'm going to give the holiday away for nothing; a four-star hotel, flights and a car rental."

Tom then asks would-be holidaymakers to contact him and tell him why they deserve the holiday.

The video has had more than 20,000 views since it was uploaded on Saturday 5 May. According to the BBC, Tom has received more than 30 responses stating cases for the free holiday.

There seems to be more to Tom's generosity than altruism or the opportunity to get rid of an unwanted reminder of a bad relationship. He seems to genuinely want to inspire people to be less self-centred and more committed to doing nice things for others.

Tom says: "We live in a broken world – a place where people get hurt, where war happens, where equality just doesn't exist, and I want to fix it.

"Obviously I can't fix everything but I can fix it just a little bit, and hopefully this video will inspire you to do the same; even if it's just a little thing."

Tom Frankenburg's ‘giveaway' includes: two return direct flights between Malta and East Midlands Airport; a twin or double bed at the four-star Hotel Fortina, with breakfast included, from Tuesday 3 July to Tuesday 10 July; car rental of a Kia Picanto or similar vehicle.

The only charges Tom's winning applicant will need to pay is £35 per person online to change plane ticket prices, although he has suggested he will contribute to this cost if necessary.

Here at we’re always saying that you should just go out there and do it, and its great to see Tom’s on board too, changing the world a little bit at a time.

To apply for Tom's free holiday to Malta in July, email and explain why you deserve it.

Is this a charming act of selflessness or has Tom actually gone crazy? Would you give away your holiday to someone for nothing?

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