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You can buy a Florida zoo on Craigslist

19th Apr 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


We’ve all dreamed of owning our own zoo – tucking in the tigers at night, having a lie-in with lions, eating breakfast with the bears, and other alliterative daily chore and animal combinations.

Now, for less than the price of a house in London, you could buy a fully functioning zoo in Florida, USA, as the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge has been put up for sale on classifieds website Craigslist.

“Ten acre, well maintained, USDA Compliant Zoo. Turnkey operation with over 90 happy and healthy animals including White Tiger, Bengal Tiger, African Lion, Patas monkeys, bob cats, baboons, wolves, otters, black bear, Fennec foxes, sloth, lemurs, llamas and more,’ reads the advert.

The zoo is listed at the bargain price of $350,000.

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

As well as the animals, the buyer will get experienced zookeepers, a gift shop, storage buildings, and wooded grounds.

It’s an offer too good to refuse, apart from all the completely rational reasons why most people should absolutely refuse. Still, if you’re an animal-loving traveller looking for a thrill beyond animal volunteering projects, this could be your next step.

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