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Bye bye, backpack! You can now get a motorised ridealong suitcase

28th Sep 2016
Written by: Dave Owen

As a gap year website, we have to show a certain amount of loyalty to our humble backpack. It has been our constant companion on countless adventures, cradling our unmentionably filthy underwear without complaint and laying its body on the line as a pillow in airports and buses.

But our backpack never had wheels and a motor so we could ride it around like an adorable little moped.

Enter ‘Modobag’, a suitcase that doubles up as a mode of transport to whisk us through the airport at lightning speed.

We say lightning; an indoor mode caps its top speed at 5mph, whereas outdoors its full 8mph can be unleashed on the world. Still, it’s faster than our backpack, which we have now thrown in the bin.

On a full battery charge Modobag promises to run for five miles, and comes equipped with USB ports to charge your menagerie of devices as you ride your ignoble steed to the distant departure gate.

Chicago-based designer Kevin O’Donnell created Modobag after seeing ride-on suitcases for children. “From the first time traveller to the veteran flight attendant, there is a widespread agreement that Modobag will help travel more functional and fun,” he says.

Test caption – this is how it will look. A bit of description to say what the image is showing, this should probably be about the maximum length.

Modobag suitcase

Fun, definitely. More dignified? Definitely not. But the airport is the best place to look like an idiot, you’ll never see any of these people again! Unless they’re on your 13-hour long haul flight…

Plus they’ll almost certainly be banned as soon as some over enthusiastic baggage handlers decide to race them down the runway…

Still, you can get your hands on one via Indie Go Go. They’re a bit pricey at US$1095…

Maybe we should get our backpack out of the bin and apologise.

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