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Canada’s ‘Great Trail’ is now fully connected, making it longest in the world

4th Sep 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


It's now possible to walk (or bike or kayak) coast-to-coast across Canada via the longest trail in the world, after a 25-year project to connect all of the country's many hiking trails, footpaths, boardwalks and more was finally completed last week.

Known as the Great Trail, it makes up some 15,000 miles that criss-cross southern Canada before looping through the northwest, making it the longest such trail in the world, five times as long as the US West Coast's Pacific Crest Trail.

The project was started by three nature-loving Canadians in 1992, and has seen thousands of volunteers pitch in to finish it.


You can't tackle the entire trail on foot, as around a quarter of it is comprised of water – river routes and wetland that will require a boat to pass.

Fully connecting the trail was step one of a continuing project that will require further funds and support to maintain the various paths, as well as drum up the publicity to get people using it.

First person to complete the whole thing alone in a single trip gets a plate of poutine on us.

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