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Canada is introducing new rules to protect airline passengers from being bumped

17th May 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


You might have noticed a recent news story about a passenger being forcibly removed from a flight in the USA because it was overbooked.

Always ready to show their class, Canada has reacted by introducing a new passenger bill of rights that aims to ensure “travellers are treated like people and not numbers.”

That’s according to transportation minister Marc Garneau. The new rules will mean that anyone who buys a ticket for a domestic or international flight in Canada can not be removed against their will if the flight is overbooked.

British Colombia lake, Canada

Airlines will still be allowed to ask for volunteers to give up their seats, but if no one can be tempted by the minimum compensation level the amount offered will have to be increased.

“When Canadians buy an airline ticket they expect the airline to keep its part of the deal,” said Garneau.

The regulations should come into practice in 2018.

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