Cat pictures have replaced adverts in this London Underground station

12th Sep 2016
Written by: Belleand Nala


Travelling on the London Underground in summer can be a hot and sweaty experience, but anybody commuting through Clapham Common station will feel cool as a cat now that almost all adverts have been replaced by posters of feisty felines.

Yes, expect cat puns throughout this story.

Cat adverts at Clapham Common Underground station

Cat adverts at Clapham Common Underground station

A crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year had no need of nine lives as it landed firmly on its feet, raising over £23,000. The cat pictures will be giving commuters paws for thought for two weeks before the standard adverts return. During this time over 300,000 people are expected to pass through the station.

The campaign was run by a group called Glimpse, who want to give commuters a break from the nonstop advertising across London's transport network. 

"Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can't afford, the car we don’t need, or the body we don’t have?" said the campaign page. "Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel pawsitive."

We think it looks like the cat's meow. 

Cat adverts at Clapham Common Underground station

All images courtesy of Press Association.


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