Cat vs. crocodile

22nd Feb 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Cat vs. crocodile

Cat battles crocodile in epic dual to the death

Usually curiosity would kill the cat, but not this one.

The cheeky critter took on a crocodile in an epic battle that’s reminiscent of Mohammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. It had the stare-downs, the huge haymakers, and a clear victor.

The peeping tomcat stayed into the crocodile enclosure in a zoo in Jaipur, India, and came face to face with a Gharial crocodile.

Ears back and teeth bared, the fearless feline was clearly determined to hold its ground.

The croc edged closer only to be slapped twice on the snout by unsheathed paws.

Somewhat startled by the defiance, the croc took a second take.

It decided the furry fiend was too much trouble and retreated back to deeper water, with the cat the victorious.

The cat vs croc moment was filmed by Manu Chaudhary, 25, and her husband Vishal, 26, from Southall, Middlesex, who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a sightseeing day trip.

Mr Chaudhary, who lives in New Delhi, India, told The Daily Mail that he initially thought the cat had mistaken the croc for a rat.

“When the crocodile came up in the water we felt sure we were witnessing the last minutes of her life,” he said.

“We couldn’t believe it though when the cat daringly warned the crocodile and then fearlessly slapped it twice.

“I was just screaming: ‘Oh my God, oh my God’. We were amazed at what we had seen.”

With victory secured, the triumphant tom simply strolled away.

What epic animal battles have you seen on the road? Post your comments below.


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