Chef in Japan creates poo-flavoured curry

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25th Aug 2015
Written by: Will Jones

A really crappy dining experience

In his new vocation as a restaurant owner and chef, former Japanese adult film star Ken Shimizu has created a curry that tastes like poo. Literally, like actual poo. To enhance the experience, he serves his dreadful (yet perfectly healthy) creation in a dish shaped like a toilet-bowl.

Shimizu was determined to create a world first something. Being number two simply wouldn’t do.

Unko curry – the signature dish at the restaurant – is made from gourd fruit, green tea and cocoa powder, and, various sources have confirmed, really does taste like… well, you get it.

Shimizu apparently found his inspiration from his first ever adult scene, during which he consumed feces in return for a $126 paycheck. According to Cosmo, the act made him so ill he ended up paying back more than that in hospital fees.

You can find the dish at Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo. Could be an awkward taxi ride.


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