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China building world’s highest glass bridge

21st May 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

The 984-foot high structure will also have world's highest bungee jump

Humans are kind of stupid. We know that falling from great heights is bad for our general wellbeing and yet continue to invent new and terrifying ways to risk becoming briefly airborne and then permanently splattered. China is leading the way in vertiginious terror, as it has revealed plans to build the world’s longest and highest glass bridge.

Look at those concept images. Look! Imagine walking out onto that bridge and not immediately evacuating your bowels in a shuddering fit of vertigo. Unthinkable.

The bridge will stretch a quarter of a mile – a quarter of a mile – across a canyon in the Zhanggjiajie National Forest Park, 984 feet off the ground.

It will play host to the world’s highest bungee jump.

This madness must be stopped.

The bridge was designed by the firm of Israeli architect Haim Dotan. Building work is already underway, with an intended finish date of the end of July. Nothing says safety and stability like hastily completed construction.

If you have a fetish for unfeasibly lengthy death-defying glass structures, China is well-positioned to satisfy your needs. There’s already a 590-foot high glass-bottom bridge in Hunan province, and Tianmen Mountain is adorned with a glass skywalk that skirts the mountain with nothing but a 4000-foot drop below.

Humans are stupid.

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