Crackdown on naked selfies and streaking at Machu Picchu

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12th Mar 2014
Written by: Mary Short

Crackdown on naked selfies and streaking at Machu Picchu 

Too many tourists are getting their balls and boobs out for the camera 

The new regional director of culture in Cusco, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, has said they will be increasing surveillance to 'avoid these unfortunate events that threaten cultural heritage'.

The site may have survived over 500 years of conquest, earthquakes, landslides and globetrotters, but the integrity is under threat from wayward willies. 

In 2013 an 18-year-old Australian and a 30-year-old New Zealander were detained by guards after getting their kit of and posting the footage on social media. Too little too late, as the world had seen it already, but they were held in custody and forced to delete the raw footage from their camera. 

They were made aware that it is totally forbidden to take photographs of this magnitude,' the report, obtained by local travel agency Fertur Peru Travel, added.

In February this year two streakers were chased through the scared site by the park guard. He'd spotted them and their video camera and gave chase as they held their clothes in hand.

A spokesman for Fertur Peru Travel, which organises tours to Machu Picchu, commented on the vide: 'Stripping naked at Machu Picchu probably isn't a great idea, unless you want to be removed from the citadel and possibly face criminal charges. Prudish perhaps, but those are the rules.'

You have been warned. Direspectuful naturists are not welcome at the ruins. 


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