Crocodile jumps on backpacker

19th Dec 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Crocodile jumps on backpacker

YouTube video set to go viral

While backpacking and travelling you’re going to get close and personal with the local wildlife. Well one backpacker in Australia got more than he bargained for as a crocodile takes a death-leap at him, almost biting his head off.

Swedish tourists Ulrik Bergsland and Felix Andersson were splashing around in a lagoon in the Litchfield National Park, Australia, when the crocodile decided it was bored of sunbathing on a rock and jumped on Felix. And of course all of it was captured on video by their friend Jakob Hellberg.

It takes a few watches to see exactly what’s going on (for those of you who are impatient skip to the minute mark) but you can clearly see that the croc has only got one thing on his mind – dinner.

Most people would have been out of there faster than a hare from the trap but the travellers can be heard roaring with laughter after the encounter.

The video was uploaded on the 12th December but it’s all set to go viral with nearly 7,000 views already.

What do you think gappers? Stupid tourists or inquisitive travellers? Let us know if you’ve got any stories like these on the message boards.

Also, if you’re heading to Australia any time soon (don’t worry, you won’t be eat by any crocodiles), then head to our Australia country section and Tourism Australia’s Guide to Adventure.


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