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Dancing across China in 100 days


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14th Jan 2014
Written by: Adam Partridge

Dancing across China in 100 days

Language student goes viral with his moves

Student Jake Gaba decided it wasn’t enough to just go travelling across China while studying Mandarin on a three month semester abroad. Instead, he also thought to grace the Land of the Dragon with his dance moves to the song Treasure by Bruno Mars.

Justifying his dancing adventure, Jake said: “I knew I wanted to capture my experiences in a very special way, and I also knew that just taking photos of my travels wasn't enough. I had to dance.”

There are probably a few other ways to spend 100 days in China, but each to his own.

The video features him interacting with all manner of people, animals and sights synonymous with China, including a panda, the great wall and a person dressed as a panda.

From Tibet to Beijing, he boldly filmed himself dancing in various streets and at various landmarks across China, with a set of dance moves that are arguably trumped by his stylish shorts.

Whatever you may think of the man’s dance moves, however, credit must be given for the effort, the audacity of his public display and the cheeky tributes to Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and the Gangnam Style dance.

The feat achieved by Jake is reminiscent of Matt Harding’s Where the hell is Matt? dance series and viral video star Ki'une who created Dance Like No One is Watching, raising the possibility that the world will be treated to more video sequences like this.

Maybe someone should film a ‘Twerking all Over the World’ video? Just a suggestion…

What do you think would be an impressive exploit to be seen performed while in your travels?

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