Daredevils go kayaking on lava

3rd Apr 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Daredevils go kayaking on lava

Group of kayakers get up close and personal with volcano in Hawaii

A group of daredevils have taken it to the next level by kayaking on lava.

Pedro Oliva, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry braved some extreme conditions in Hawaii while filming their Brazilian show, Kaiak, which explores lesser-known dangerous kayak routes.

The group began exploring the lava flows at first from a distance, then began inching exceedingly closer, braving the explosive lava that ranges from 700°C to 1000°C, water temperatures that exceed 50°C and toxic steam created by the contact of water and lava.

And if that wasn’t enough, they even get out of their kayaks to explore some of the coastline.

Ben, who was stood in a boat out to shore, told Barcroft Media: “This was a bit of a side journey.

“We were on a big kayak expedition exploring the rivers and waterfalls of Hawaii, but there had been no rain and the rivers were empty.

“So to keep ourselves occupied we took our kayaks out to see the lava flows. We didn’t have any intentions of getting as close as we did to the lava.

“But Pedro being Pedro wanted to explore a little closer.”

Ben, a professional kayaker himself, added: “Once Pedro realised he wasn’t going to instantly melt away, he got out and started walking on the cooled lava.

“He dipped his oar into some lava and it literally exploded right there. You could hear the sound of the lava hissing as it hit the ocean. It was out of this world.”

What’s the craziest daredevil stunt you’ve done on your gap year? Let us know; post your comments below.


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