Death by Hairy Chest for US Man

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1st Sep 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

Hairy passenger denied defibrillator

Southwest Airlines have got themselves into a hairy situation after a flight attendant allegedly refused to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on a dying passenger.

Jack Jordan, 62, was on a Southwest Airline flight with his wife, Caroline Jordan when he suffered a heart attack. Mrs Jordan told KOAT that a nurse and physical therapist attempted to use CPR on her husband. When that failed to work, a fellow passenger suggested using the on-board defibrillator, but the idea was dismissed by a flight attendant on the grounds that Mr Jordan's chest was too hairy.

Eventually a decision was made to shave Mr. Jordan's chest so that the AED could be used, but unfortunately it was too late and Mr. Jordan sadly died.

Michell Agnews, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told Mail Online 'Our reports indicate that once notified of his condition, our flight attendants and two onboard medical professionals assisted the ill passenger, following protocol for use of our onboard automated external defibrillatory.'


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