Delayed passenger gets VIP treatment

8th Oct 2012
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Delayed passenger gets VIP treatment

Brad Hartley has a flight like no other

We’ve all been delayed or missed our flight when backpacking and travelling; unfortunately it comes with the territory. However, we bet this has never happened to you when you’ve missed your flight.

Brad Hartley received a call from his airline to inform him that his flight had been delayed by three-and-a-half hours. Nothing unusual in that.

However, when he turned up at the airport, still an hour before his scheduled departure, he was surprised to discover he was the only one there.

This is a pic that Brad took while on board his VIP flightConfused, he checked with the gate agent who told him all other passengers on his flight had already departed.

Most people would panic, which is probably what Brad did, yet he still managed to board his flight… and was the only one to do so! Brad had the whole plane to himself flying to New York City.

The crew gave him the VIP treatment, playing his favourite music over the intercom and calling him “Mr President” during the trip.

Though he arrived several hours after his scheduled time, he didn’t mind the delay. “Those guys were completely awesome today,” he told travel website And though he admits he was excited when he posted an update to his friends and family on Facebook, he asserts that the crew were both professional and by-the-book.

Have you ever missed your flight? Or, even better, have you ever had the VIP treatment? Discuss it on the message boards.

If you’re planning your gap year then make sure you head to our planning section for more advice and information. Also, make sure you check out our section on round the world flights!


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