Dubai is planning a hotel where every floor spins independently

22nd Feb 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


Not happy with the view from your hotel room? With this incredible design concept it won’t matter, because the view can change whenever you want.

Dubai has revealed a concept for a new skyscraper hotel in which every single floor rotates independently. Named the Dynamic Hotel, Dubai is aiming to start building by 2020.

The rotating skyscraper, designed by architect David Fisher, will be 1,370ft tall and feature 80 storeys, some of which will be private apartments. The movement of the floors won’t be at the whim of the weather – they can be rotated using voice-activation.

Perhaps most impressive is that the whole building will be entirely self-powered thanks to integrated wind turbines and solar panels.

Imagine it: turn your room to watch the sunrise, swivel away to escape the heat of the day, and then get into position to catch the sunset.

Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea after all.


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