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EasyJet flies an all-woman crew to mark International Women’s Day

9th Mar 2017
Written by: Dave Owen


Budget airline EasyJet has operated a flight with an all-female crew to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The flight from London Gatwick to Madrid had a captain, first officer, and four cabin crew who were all women. What’s more, plenty of the ground crew working to board the A320 jet were women, meaning over 15 women were involved.

Captain of the flight was Kate McWilliams, 27, believed to be the youngest female commercial airline captain in the world. You can find our interview with her here.

EasyJet flies all woman crew

“Aviation is one of the few industries that hasn’t really caught up with other professions that were male-dominated but are now pretty 50/50 – if not females have overtaken men – things like medicine, law,” said McWilliams. “Aviation is still less than 5% women so events like today make youngsters aware that it’s a job for everyone.”

International Women’s Day takes place on March 8 every year, and is a celebration of the crucial roles women play in society, as well as an opportunity to recognise ongoing efforts to achieve gender equality.

We marked the occasion by taking a look at the 6 most badass women travellers from history to the present day.

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