Economy flights could be getting bed pods

30th Sep 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

'Sleeping boxes' would be stacked in the tail area of the aircraft

Here is a list of things about flying in economy that are terrible:

1. Everything.

2. Trying to sleep amid the interminable roar on all sides, the cloying knowledge of the unfathomable abyss yawning over your head, seat dimensions seemingly designed to re-align your knees, and the musty odour of your neighbour's armpit.

3. Everything.

But it might be about to get better. Airbus, the producer of popular passenger aircraft, has filed a patent for economy-class 'sleeping boxes' that would be fitted in the rear of the aircraft, giving passengers the space to spread out and get some kip.

New Airbus sleeping boxes patent

The bed pods would be equipped with a personal television, a reading light, reclining pillows, and a video camera allowing air crew to keep an eye on you. Bad luck if you like to sleep in the nude.

Current economy seating is 'only movable to a limited extent and therefore can be found by passengers to be uncomfortable, particularly on long haul flights,' says Airbus. It might be stating the obvious, but we're glad to see something being done to address the problem.

The new Airbus sleeping boxes patent

A passenger would specifically book a 'sleeping box,' rather than have it as well as their regular seat. Passengers would still be required to be strapped in during take-off and launch, though the box would be padded and fitted with airbags. Meals would be served inside the pod. Now that's luxury.

There's no guarantee the patent will be approved, but we are willing to launch an incredibly strong-worded petition if it isn't.


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