Every traveller will have a jetpack soon

11th Nov 2015
Written by: Dave Owen

Our headline is not at all misleading

We challenge you to find a single traveller alive who wouldn’t want their own jetpack. It would offer the ultimate freedom, the ultimate thrill, to soar through the sky like a superhero and hopefully not plummet like a frozen block of toilet refuse. The dream has just come one step closer to reality with the world’s first personal jetpack taking its maiden flight.

David Mayman of Australian company JetPack Aviation flew the JB-9 jetpack around New York City’s Statue of Liberty after being cleared for flight by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Watch the video below. It’s a bloody jetpack!

The JB-9 is powered by jet engines, with the potential to lift its wearer thousands of feet in the air, but is small enough to fit in the boot of a car and light enough to wear comfortably.

This historic flight came in the same week that two men used jetpacks to fly alongside an Emirates A380 passenger plane over the Dubai skyline. Jetman Yves Rossy and Jetman Junior Vince Reffet reached speeds of up to 120mph as they flew 4000ft in the air alongside the plane’s wings in a promotional video for the airline.

Their equipment is a little more elaborate than the JB-9 – custom built flight suits that weigh around 55kg and boast a wing span of two metres. Consumers won’t be getting anything quite that fancy any time soon.

Still, any week in which three people fly with jetpacks and don’t die horribly brings the world one step closer to jetpacks you can pack for your gap year.


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