Father claims land so daughter can be ‘real princess’

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15th Jul 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

Dad makes daughter princess

You better think twice about buying that ‘Father of the Year’ mug

There are certain duties parents should fulfil in their children's life times. Teaching them how to ride a bike, helping them with their homework, and occasionally conquering unclaimed land so that their daughter can be a real princess. Yep.

On June 16th, American father Jeremiah Heaton stuck a blue flag with stars and a crown on it, designed by his three children, to claim 800 square miles of desert between Egypt and Sudan as a new kingdom. Just in time for his daughter’s seventh birthday, who apparently is pretty “big on being a princess”, as clarified by Heaton.

Jeremiah Heaton and his Kingdom of North Sudan

Heaton, from Abingdon, Virginia, said that he didn’t want to make any false promises to his children. So when his daughter, Emily, showed an interest in becoming a princess, Heaton took to the internet to research ‘unclaimed land', finding an area in Africa called ‘Bir Tawil’ by the locals. Because of disputes between Egpyt and Sudan, this piece of land had never been claimed, and Heaton seized the opportunity to build his kindgom after being granted permission by the Egyptian authorities to travel to the land.

This ambitious father aims to reach out to the African union to formally establish the area as the Kingdom of North Sudan so that not only can his daughter be a princess, but to also convert his land into an agricultural production centre.


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