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Fraser Island welcomes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

22nd Oct 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

Queensland experienced a royal affair today when the world’s most noted newlyweds (and now the planet’s most popular mum-to-be!), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took a detour during their tour of Australia to visit Fraser Island in support of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.
Popular with the Britpack – some 34,000 British travellers visited the Fraser Coast region last year – Fraser Island, which is also known as K’gari, is the world’s largest sand island and a world-heritage listed site.
It boasts 400,000 acres of space with a raft of adventures longer than Prince Philip’s real title. (For the record, that’s 133 words long!) The island is a playground for beach driving, remote camping, ocean fishing, incredible surf breaks, whale watching, and an eco resort that puts comfort back into the great outdoors.
Duke of Sussex Fraser Island
Photo by Tourism and Events Queensland
The prime reason for the Duke and Duchess’ visit was a study of the straight-trunked Satinay trees and towering Hoop Pines that grow 50 metres above the island’s dunes at Pile Valley. Under the canopy of these trees, the local Aboriginal Butchella people welcomed the couple to the country with a traditional smoking ceremony.

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The newlyweds also sampled two other island landmarks; the iconic wooden jetty at Kingfisher Bay Resort – perfect for sunsets – and Lake McKenzie, one of 40 perched lakes on Fraser Island and arguably the most photographed freshwater lake in Australia. The super fine, brilliantly white sand around Lake McKenzie attracts huge numbers of travellers intent on taking a dip in its exquisite turquoise water.
Royal Tour Fraser Island
Photo by Tourism and Events Queensland
Tourism and Events Queensland Chief Executive Officer Leanne Coddington said the UK was a key international market for Queensland.
“UK travellers love Queensland’s natural encounters, and the dedication of Fraser Island as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy provides a perfect opportunity to highlight our experiences,” Ms Coddington said.
Fraser Island is located in Southern Queensland about 270km north of Brisbane and the drive takes just over three hours to Hervey Bay.  Fraser Coast Airport at Hervey Bay has direct flights from Brisbane and Sydney. The island easily accessed by ferry from Hervey Bay or Inskip Point; with touring options from Rainbow Beach, Noosa and Hervey Bay running every day. Or you can enjoy an amazing scenic flight landing directly on the sand.

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