Frozen wee smashes through caravan

7th Mar 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Frozen wee smashes through caravan

£5K caravan ruined and no one held liable

A lump of frozen wee from a passenger plane has smashed through a woman’s caravan leaving it ruined.

Caroline Guy, from Staffordshire, said she thought she was being burgled when she heard an “explosion” at 7am on Saturday.

When she got up to investigate she found nothing out of the ordinary so went back to bed. It was only when she went to clean the caravan that she saw the 18-inch hole in the roof and the floor, and that’s when she found the yellow lump of ice.

Restaurant owner Caroline had lived in the caravan for two years while she built a barn conversion, and was in the process of trying to sell it for around £5,000. She says it’s now worthless.

Caroline has been told that nobody is liable for the incident, but she feels this is wrong as she could have been “killed”.

Frozen wee smashes through caravan

She said: “It is just a miracle that neither myself nor my children were in there when it came crashing down – it could have killed someone.

“The caravan is a complete write off. I’ve checked with the Civil Aviation Authority and they say no-one is liable. But someone should be – I could have died.”

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said: “What happens is there is some sort of leak on the plane and a body of water builds up on the outside.

“When the plane is at height it freezes and then when the plane starts to descend it heats up and starts to thaw and falls off.

“The source of the leaks are one of three – the toilet facilities, the air conditioning or running water.

“These incidents are very rare but they do happen now and then.”

Do you think Caroline is wee-ly unlucky or do these things happen? Post your comments below.


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