Google launches travel app ‘Google Trips.’

21st Sep 2016
Written by: Dave Owen


Google has taken its first step into the world of online travel by launching ‘Google Trips,’ a new travel app designed to take the stress out of travelling.

Available on iOS and Android, the app aims to gather all your travel bookings in one place, while also offering potential itineraries, dining recommendations, and other destination-specific information.

Google Trips app.

So, imagine you’ve booked a series of flights through South East Asia along with hostel reservations in every city along the way, as well as a leg of the journey via car rental – keeping track of the confirmations in your inbox can be a nightmare. If you use Gmail, the Google Trips app will pluck all that information from your account and collate it. Non-Gmail users can add everything manually. It’ll all be available offline.


Specific ‘trips’ can be downloaded to your device to save on mobile data. A ‘trip’ offers up suggestions on how to spend a day, based on the recommendations of other users. The app can also sync with Google Maps, so you can get more suggestions if the initial batch are rubbish, and even tailor itineraries for longer stays in a destination.

Essentially, Google Trip aims to do everything travellers need – inspiration, planning, organisation, navigation – in one place.

Which means is now obsolete. Goodbye forever.


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