Google Maps takes users to Mount Everest

19th Mar 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Google Maps takes users to Mount Everest

Google Maps starts virtual tours of the world’s tallest mountains

One of the things that is always on people’s gap year wish lists is to climb one of the world’s tallest mountains. Thanks to Google Maps, you can now do that without leaving the comfort of your home (though you should be warned, it doesn’t mean you can tick it off!)

From today, people can take an online tour of four of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the world’s continents.

You’ll be taken up Aconcagua in Argentina, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Elbrus in Russia and as far as Everest base camp in Nepal.

Dan Fredinburg said on Google’s official blog: “While there’s nothing quite like standing on the mountain, with Google Maps you can instantly transport yourself to the top of these peaks and enjoy the sights without all of the avalanches, rock slides, crevasses, and dangers from altitude and weather that mountaineers face.

“Whether you’re scoping out the mountain for your next big adventure or exploring it from the comfort and warmth of your home, we hope you enjoy these views from the top of the world.”

Google Mpas takes users to Mount Everest

Collected with a simple lightweight tripod and digital camera with a fisheye lens, it’s never been easier to explore some of the world’s most stunning sights.

Google has already taken us to narrow cobblestone alleys in Spain using a tricycle, inside the Smithsonian with a push cart and to British Columbia’s snow-covered slopes by snowmobile.

The project initially began in 2007, with five U.S. cities mapped out with 5MP cameras mounted on Google’s now-famous Street View cars.

Since then its cars, now equipped with 75MP cameras, have driven more than 5 million unique miles of road across every continent.

Google Street View now covers more than 3,000 cities across 45 countries , and even a slice of Antarctica complete with the southern continent’s resident penguins.

What do you think of the new Google Maps street views? Post your comments below.


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