Hamish and Andy’s Asian Gap Year

10th Jul 2013
Written by: Macca Sherifi

Hamish and Andy's Asian Gap Year

Australian TV duo embark on their third series, Gap Year Asia

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have stormed the TV's once again with their new series Gap Year Asia.

The launch episode on the Australian TV channel Nine Network on Monday attracted 1.57 million viewers to be the most-watched show on TV, according to the OzTAM ratings.

The popular Australian TV duo are tackling the delights of Asia that would be reminiscent of any gap year.

After winding their way through America in 2011 and basing themselves in London for Euro Gap Year in 2012, the pair are looking forward to what they say is their most "dangerous" and "edgiest" series yet.

They're planning to visit as many Asian countries as they can pack into six episodes including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, China, Japan, and Laos.

While the two of them are seasoned travellers by now, it will be the first TV project Hamish has undertaken as a married man.

But he says the ring on his finger hasn't made him any more sensible, nor wiser.

"My rule with the more dangerous activities is now I just tell Zo (wife Zoe Foster)  after we've done them instead of before we've done them" Blake told news.com.au. "I feel like this trip there's more things I'm going to have to tell her after the event."

"As long as I'm in one piece, she's genuinely happy and as long as I come home and clip my beard and wash my hair, I think I'll be okay."

They said the weirdest thing they did on their Asian gap year was "we managed to find Andy a balut egg in the Philippines," Hamish told news.com.au. "It's a fertilised duck egg and they cook the egg quite a few days after fertilisation, so you're going to find a cooked bird in there. It's a delicacy there, but it didn't really look like Ando enjoyed eating it. He put on a hell of a show though."

You can watch Hamish and Andy's Gap Year Asia on Monday's at 8.00pm (Australian local time) on channel Nine. Or you could just watch it on YouTube.

Have you watched Hamish and Andy's Gap Year before? If so, what do you think of it? Post your comments below!


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