Hobbits meet safety in new flight video

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23rd Oct 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

Air New Zeland releases another epic Middle Earth safety video

Safety videos are one of the most important, yet tedious, things about a flight. That is unless you’re a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan and flying with Air New Zealand. Then you get this.

The video revolves around one of New Zealand’s ultimate claims to fame – being the place chosen to represent Tolkien’s fantasy world. It’s not just flight attendants in fancy dress though – that’s only part of it. Scenes are filmed on the actual Hobbit set, which is in New Zealand of course, and it actually features Elijah Wood –THE Frodo,  Sylvester McCoy – THE Radagast, and Sir Peter Jackson himself!

The video begins with two Hobbit fans running through departures, rushing to get onto a flight. Once boarded, they sit down and catch their breaths as they turn to the right, and who should be sitting opposite them, only Elijah Wood,

The two passengers are then are transported to the magical world of Hobbiton where the safety video begins. Seat belt instructions are shown on the back of a noble steed, an orc wears an oxygen mask, a giant eagle flies by topped with ‘Gandalf’ explaining how to adopt the brace position, and naturally, this is followed by a massive battle scene.

Seriously, just watch it for yourself.


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