Hotel CCTV catches man stark naked and locked out

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27th Feb 2013
Written by: Victoria Philpott

Hotel CCTV catches man stark naked and locked out 

Things not to do on your gap year #434

This poor guy was just enjoying cleaning out his room and feeling the warm hotel air on his bits when his bedroom door closed behind him. 

Thanks to the CCTV, we can all laugh at his misfortune as he put his plate out for room service, turned his back and realised that click he'd heard had been the lock. 

Distress ensues. 

Totally starkers he attempts to act causal as two guys pass him in the corridor a few seconds later. The nonchalance seems to work as they don't even look back. After jiggling the door handle to double check his predicament, he decides the only thing for it is to make a run for the lift to seek help. 

All to the great surprise of the poor, unsuspecting mother and child who'd already boarded the lift. 

With just a metal bowl for cover he attempts to get another room pass from reception. 

"Do you have any ID?" asks the guy on reception. 

"I don't have any clothes on," Jonny Starkers replies. 

"I just need to see your driver's license." Errrr… 

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube earlier this month, has gone viral and is pushing 1 million views.

There seem to be a few doubts over its authenticity amongst the YouTube audience though – what do you think? 

Real or no real?


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