Inbetweeners return with a gap year movie

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18th Jun 2014
Written by: Will Jones

The Inbetweeners return with a gap year movie

The first full length trailer for the second Inbetweeners movie – due to hit cinemas this August – has been released.


A couple of months ago the teaser trailer showed Will, Simon, Jay and Neil in a car approaching an Aboriginal ceremony in the dead of night. As they drive past, Jay leans out the window and shouts: “Fire wankers!” To which an Aboriginal retorts: “Arseholes!”

It was a promising start.

We learn a bit more in the new trailer – Jay is “on a mental gap year in Australia” and invites the other three to join him.

We’re quickly treated to some of the profound observations for which Jay has gained infamy:

Australia is the sex capital of the world. You know why they call it ‘down under’? Because that’s where your face spends most of the time.

And then later:

Everyone knows backpacking girls are the loosest. That’s why it’s called a gap year. Because of the gap between their legs.


He should be careful, though, because according to Neil:

Muff before mates is actually a crime in Australia.

Simon meanwhile is facing a dilemma that many a traveller has had to deal with: the pre-departure relationship ‘chat’.

Basically I just need to kill myself. It’s got to be easier than breaking up with her.

At one point Neil is visibly unimpressed by the campfire music, voicing what so many of us daren’t say ourselves in similar situations:

If anyone starts playing the bongos I’m leaving.

And of course, it wouldn’t be the Inbetweeners without inappropriate comments regarding parents. After Will thoughtfully decides to Skype his mum, Jay peers over his shoulder and says:

I haven’t seen your mum in six months. I need to refresh the image in the wank bank.



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