Instagram Vs Twitter: The fight of the photo filters

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11th Dec 2012
Written by: Vicky Philpott

Instagram Vs Twitter: The fight of the photo filters

Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter

It’s safe to say the big guys in photo sharing are not getting on. You used to be able to edit your photos on Instagram and then just click ‘publish to Twitter’ and your beautifully filtered photos would be broadcast to your family, friends and the world. Those were the days.

On Sunday Instagram turned off support for Twitter cards, and on Monday it was announced Twitter have released Instagram-like photo editing.

The latest Twitter update lets you take a photo, crop it, enhance it, add one of eight filters and share it – without leaving the app once.

You can still Tweet the links to your Instagram photos, but they won’t display underneath like they used to.

Instagram’s chief executive Kevin Systrom said in a statement they turned it off to encourage people to use his website.

“[Users can] engage with Instagram content through likes, comments and hashtags,” he said. “Now we believe the best experience is for us to link back to where the content lives.”

Problems started last week with Twitter displaying images from Instagram with weird cropping, adding fuel to the fire between the two social media stalwarts. The rumour mill is churning, of course, with money, image ownership and customer loyalty all at the heart of the debate.

Twitter now has more than 500 million active users and Instagram has 100 million. Facebook bought Instagram last year for a reported $1billion, and they’re obviously keen for the site to remain king of the filtered photos, whatever the cost.

If you’re having trouble seeing your friends’ gap year Instagram pics on Twitter you can just install InstaTwit on your Chrome browser, although we don’t know how much longer this will last.

Do you follow the on Instagram? We’ve got some great snowy pics from Canada coming up, and you know we’re on Twitter, right?

As ever, you can find us on the message boards too – what do you think of the Instagram Vs Twitter debate?


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