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Japan is giving away 8 million empty houses

26th Nov 2018
Written by: Dave Owen

Have you ever fancied owning a house in Japan? This could be your chance to get one for free.
The Japanese government has launched a new program to cut down the amount of abandoned houses across the country, by putting them on sale for next to nothing – or actually nothing, in some cases.
A 2013 government report suggests that around eight million homes lie empty all over Japan, some just on the outskirts of major cities.
mount fuji traditional village japan
There are numerous reasons for this: Japan has an aging population, meaning there aren’t enough young people to purchase houses when their previous owners move to retirement homes or pass away. Those same young people are also less likely to have a family that would require a bigger house.
To make matters worse, superstition often surrounds old homes in Japan. Any property associated with an unnatural death, such as suicide or murder, are considered to bring bad luck. There are also numerous houses that have been left empty after being damaged by natural disasters.

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The Japanese government hopes that offering the homes at heavily discounted prices or for free will encourage people to move from the often cramped living conditions in major cities. In some cases, funds will be available to renovate the properties.
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