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A Japanese company is selling people-sized backpacks

They can literally carry a person

3rd Jan 2019
Written by: Dave Owen

Are you the kind of traveller that needs to take everything they own with them wherever they go? This might be the backpack for you.
The ‘Backpacker’s Closet’ boasts a whopping capacity of 180 litres, measuring in at 100cm in length and 68cm in width. That’s big enough to carry a small-ish person on your back (ask for their consent first).
The oversized luggage is the creation of Japanese design studio CWF. The bag features an extra middle strap and robust padding to make sure it doesn’t utterly destroy the wearer’s spine. It also looks completely ridiculous.
cwf backpacker's closet backpack
We generally recommend packing as lightly as you can when you go travelling, but the size of the Backpacker’s Closet does give it some advantages over a smaller bag. Not only can you pack pretty much everything you own, but the bag can literally serve as a portable closet when kept indoors, as well as a makeshift bed or seat (depending what’s inside it, anyway).
As you might expect, the size of the bag means it carries a similarly weighty price tag – the Backpacker’s Closet can be yours for around 26,000 yen (£193). Your decision whether or not to buy it might also depend on how highly you value your dignity.
Check out our guide to buying the right backpack for you if you want to find something a little more sensible.

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