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Jedward (almost) lost at sea

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Helen Winter

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4th Jul 2014
Written by: Helen Winter

Good news: Jedward lost at sea

Bad news: Jedward no longer lost at sea

X Factor stars (a loose term) Jedward have gone from being stranded in the musical wilderness to being stranded in the actual wilderness. Well, a sandbank in north Dublin to be precise, but you get the point.

The driftwood – sorry, Jedward – duo were out walking with another family member when horror struck and their mother alerted the coast guard. After a helicopter managed to find the twins (which couldn’t have been difficult with that hair) ten rescuers bravely waded out to save them. We’re just going to let you process that scene for a moment.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Jedward's mother said her sons were "badly shaken" after their "terrifying experience", a condition anyone who has seen them perform will be able to relate to.

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